Manufacturers: OEM Ethernet and USB modules for you to use

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Empirical Audio is now offering OEM both XMOS galvanically isolated USB and Ethernet DLNA modules for DAC front-ends. The Ethernet module can support Roon with addition of this device:

These can be designed into your new or older DAC designs to improve their performance significantly.  The jitter of these modules is the lowest in the industry, less than 10psec.  We use the latest Crystek oscillator technology with -135dB phase jitter noise floor.  -100dB at 10Hz.  You can compete at the highest levels with these modules.  Simpler modules are not even close in performance.

The modules have a standard interface on a stacking connector, so they can be swapped out enabling you to offer both Ethernet and USB in the same DAC.  No soldering needed.  The modules have capability for local oscillators as well as connection using SMB connectors to an external clock source.

The interface has both I2S bus output, including native DSD capability and S/PDIF at 3.3V logic levels as well as encoded sample-rate output and DSD indicator.  MCLK can be output at 256fs or 128fs, jumperable.  The module also has an I2S bus input, so your other inputs, such as S/PDIF and AES/EBU can be routed through the stacking connector.  This allows direct connection of the module I2S bus to the D/A chip or circuits, reducing jitter significantly.  No selector chip needed.

Here is the Ethernet module:

This is an opportunity to leverage the best USB and Ethernet interfaces on the market.

Steve N.
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