iFi iPurifier for movies

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iFi iPurifier for movies
« on: 3 Mar 2019, 01:54 am »
For those that use a SS processor for HT, the iFi SPDIF iPurifier is a no-brainer at $149 at Amazon.com.  It is the only reclocker that I'm aware of that passes Dolby Digital and DTS.  It will improve the clarity of your Blu-Ray movies, cable and streamed movies significantly.  No missing any dialogue anymore.

I made measurements on it recently and found that it was only 10X worse than my Synchro-Mesh, which delivers 7psec of jitter at the end of a coax cable.  10X sounds like a lot, but it isn't when you get to those low levels.  The iPurifier also has both Toslink and coax in and out.  Here are some jitter measurements:


I recently tried a iPurifier driving another iPurifier and it's even better.  Have not measured that yet.  Not good enough for my audio, but it's great for movie tracks.

Steve N.
Empirical Audio