New System set up

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New System set up
« on: 13 Apr 2019, 05:46 pm »

I am trying to set up a new stereo system.
Flac-PC-DAC-Decware MK4. Wanted to get a pair of "near" full range towers, under 3K budget. Looked at Omega, Ascend, Spatial, Salk, Tekton. Wanted USA made as much as possible.

But them saw a post here and it made me thinking again. What about monitors and a pair of subs underneath them? Have some questions.

1. How would they compare for music setup? Medium size room, mostly pop, jazz, vocals, classical. For example omega towers or tecton DI vs omega monitors with pair of omega subs? I am willing to buy lightly used stuff.
2. Are there any US made subs (I know only of tektons and omega) for under 1K each?
3. How do I connect a pair of subs to analog amp without using processor or preamp? Saw the way to connect one sub, but not two.
4. Bad idea to put monitors on top of subs? Need this for space purposes.

Any ideas are welcome.