How best to connect two unbalanced sources to BHA-1 headphone amplifier

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Dear Everyone,

I have a Bryston BHA-1 on order from AV Therapy in Nashua NH.  I am going to connecting two DACs (Bryston BDA3 and Moon 280D with Mind2) to it using unbalanced interconnects because both of the balanced interconnects are going to my line level preamp. 

The Bryston has three inputs:  XLR balanced, RCA unbalanced, mini-jack unbalanced.  Obviously, I will be using the RCA inputs. 

Question:  For the other connection should I use a mini-jack to RCA cable or buy a set of XLR to RCA adapters? 

Any advice would be appreciated.

Thank you


When I had my BHA1 I used balanced to unbalanced adapters on the balanced inputs and they worked fine.  Occasionally I would also use a RCA to mini adapter if I needed another unbalanced input without issue. I wasn't listening critically so I couldn't tell you of any subtle differences...

R. Daneel

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Well, one way to do it would be to use some kind of a switch-box with 2 pairs of RCA inputs, a selector switch and one pair of RCA outputs.

It's just that BHA-1 is a differential input amplifier and should theoretically work better with balanced connection. It would perhaps be Worth to you to decide which DAC to use with your line-level preamp and which DAC to use with the BHA-1.

Here's a question for you as well - which one of the DACs you like better? Moon or the Bryston?