Recommendations for new refrigerator

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Re: Recommendations for new refrigerator
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About 5 1/2 yrs ago we bought a JennAir refrigerator with French Doors and the freezer section on the bottom. The filtered water dispenser is on the inside of the refrigerator and doesn’t take up nearly as much room as the other brands we saw. It’s been pretty quiet and reliable, although we did have 1 recent repair. Don’t know if it’s true but 2 or 3 repair people warned us against Samsung because they said it’s hard to get parts for them.

Samsung appliances have had horrible reputations in general.  They seem to be really paying $$$ to be showcased in several appliance sections etc...  I would not touch these even with a pole. 

Whirlpool appliances seem to be well made...  I have had an LG side by side refrigerator with ice maker and water dispenser installed about 7 years ago and it has not given me much of an issue asides from me having to remove the ice maker and deal with distorted blocks of all has to do with ice compartment doors not closing fully and allowing air to come and melt some of the ice stopping the auger in the icemaker.  Easy to clean and service. 

The best refrigerators I believe are those older GE two door refrigerators with a separate top door for the freezer as well as the bottom refrigerator unit.  Those are somewhat inefficient but are almost always bullet proof and in case of a repair...easy to service.  They cost around $430-520 and only come in two colors, white and black and still reliably made in the US.  I have had one for about 12 years.