Parts Express Subwoofers?

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Re: Parts Express Subwoofers?
« Reply #20 on: 23 Feb 2018, 06:27 pm »
Ohhhhhhh boy !!!! :thumb: does this this sub slam!!!!!!
Deep thunderous bass !!
I know other subs dig deeper and are way tighter, with less one note bass, but this sub can kick the shit out of my room!!!! 
I ordered a splitter and 25ft cord from Monoprice, and will throw in one of my other two subs for shits and giggles.
The great thing for me is the sub is not ridiculously large like many subs, and it light weight so I can slide it front to back very easily. I have it playing at only at about 50 %  and I can easily integrate it with my mains so it sounds like all the bass is coming from them.
I am playing Mickey Hart’s , Planet Drum . Holy shit , it’s a Visceral  experience!!
If you like bass and world music , this is a must own cd to really test your woofers!!  If you love it , go buy all the rest of Mickey’s albums . They are all special!!  But Planet Drum won a Grammy and  it’s wonderful!!

 I can really push my speakers way louder than I ever thought possible.

 I do have a lot of hiss when I have the volume way up in between songs.
 Any thoughts on what may cause this ? How to get rid of this ?
I also have an annoying buzz when my heat is running, and microwave ,
I usually shut the heat off to watch movies . Brrrr
About Planet Drum:

At Target :

But check used cd stores, can be had  for under $5 I would think .


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Re: Parts Express Subwoofers?
« Reply #21 on: 26 Jan 2019, 01:47 am »
As always you have to a lot of reading between the lines of reviews and consider the possible sources.  Customers of inexpensive subs are likely to be non-audiophiles, probably young gamers/action movie buffs, or inexperienced and proud papa sub owners that are making their first move up from an all in one box A/V system.  Is that who you want to take advice from? 

There's a reason why good subs cost more (aside from simple greed), it's called the laws of physics and it applies more directly to subs than any other audio component.  Deep bass means pushing lots of air and the bigger the room, the more air needs to be pushed.  And to have more than mushy one note boom-boom, the components and design must be of good nick.  The advent of class D amps and servo control have helped reduce cost/improve subwoofer quality in recent years, but quality drivers, well built cabinets, and shipping costs are givens.

as often is, JLM for president  :thumb: IMHO plus you crack me up laughing, are you sure your not a pissed off therapist.  :deadhorse:

I used to think of sub wolfers   :oops: as tumors and furniture, truly, and akin to a personality type I did not trust for a whole lot of deep stuff,
but D switching Woofer amps are so frigging tight and fast, and no clipping
that they can now often be added now without sounding like your system has 19 cross overs and can have real tone down in the lows.
look for a used "REL" they have a interesting technology and can fall off a truck and still be fine.