Best USB cable for the buck

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Re: Best USB cable for the buck
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I'm using this cable.  It's magnetically shielded with a very nice cloth outer sleeve and of excellent quality and best the cable I had laying around.

Styled in orange, the Roland Black Series RCC-3-UAUB is a USB cable intended to transmit data. It utilizes multi-strand copper wire with high-density spiral shielding to eliminate interference and unwanted noise. High-quality connectors are utilized here, as is a heavy-duty polyethylene insulation. This cable measures 5' in length.

worth a look....a good look.

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Re: Best USB cable for the buck
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It's worth rearranging the gear so one can use just a USB adapter or the shortest possible length like a 6in. instead of chasing cables.


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Re: Best USB cable for the buck
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I have the Starlight 7 USB cables and recently got this modestly priced Oyaide Neo D+ Series B cable online for about $30.  I can't say as I noticed much different in SQ between the two.   What did masterfully and significantly improve the sound of my system was acquiring an ISO Regen + LPS 2 power supply.  I thought my Ayre QB-9 was outstanding, but the filtering with the ISO Regen demonstrably improved my SQ:  quieter background and more air around the instruments.  The ISO Regen and power supply cost about $700, and were worth it.  However, I previously used a USBDisruptor device and it yielded ~70% of the benefits of the ISO Regen device.  It cost $150 and I'd be happy to part with it for $100 to an interested party with shipping included.  It cleans up a lot of noise, no question, and makes the music much more analogue-like.  The isolated power supply appears to be the key to the efficacy of these devices.  They are both "plug and play."