Feedback from the first Florida Audio Expo (FLAX) - February 2019

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Triode Pete

Finally settling in from the great Florida Audio Expo... It was a ton of fun and who can't like sunny 80 degree weather over a 4 day weekend (after coming from a Polar Vortex!)!

A big thanks to AJ (in Fl) and Bart for organizing a well run show! They hit a "home run" with their first audio show!

The rooms were crowded but manageable, starting on Day 1 (Friday)!

Here's some feedback from the show!

Starting with Day 1 (Friday) Paul Elliott from Part Time Audiophile posted the following...

Some really nice profiles, starting with fellow AC Sponsor Morten Sissener from Tortuga Audio!

Florida 2019: Friday with Paul
Tortuga, Soundfield, Backert, Legacy, Triode Wire Labs, Border Patrol, Volti Audio

Tortuga Audio

It’s hard to decide where to start (way too much stress), so I randomly fell into the Tortuga Audio room.  Morten Sissener has and interesting take on an old idea of using LDR (Light Dependent Resistor) for controlling volume.  This has been tried many times before but other manufactures never could solve some of the inherent problems. LDR’s are notably in consistent and unstable.  Morten has come up with a scheme that can keep the LDR’s calibrated using an onboard computer to adjust them. Also the LDR’s are mounted on user removable board and easily replaced. Recalibration can be done at any time by the user and takes just a few minutes.  Yes this is a passive preamp, but he also has a tube preamp buffer for those who want Genalex Gold Lion ECC88 in the sound path.

I asked Morton the significance of the Tortuga name and he told me was a sailor and was always fascinated with the Dry Tortuga Islands of the coast of Florida. His speakers in keeping with the turtle theme are the Loggerheads.

They have no internal crossovers and bi-amping which he custom makes to order.

His cabling is all Triode Wire and is available through him.

He is direct sales only at:

Relationships that really sing
There is a group of three companies that have been exhibiting together for a number of years, and the sound of their rooms always get high praise and good reviews. Volti Audio, Border Patrol, and Triode Wire Labs just make beautiful music together. All three companies are very proud that their products are designed and built by hand in the U.S.

Triode Wire Labs
So Pete Grzybowski answers the “why?” question by saying it is the passion about the music.  Always going after natural organic sound. As our music systems get better it quickly becomes blatantly obvious that every thing matters. Yes, yes, yes, cables matter.

Metallurgy is the key, along with construction techniques and design along with cryogenics. It all plays a part in developing and building a cable that works with associated equipment, not to add bad things, but bring out the good.  Cabling is part of the system and a real difference.

Pete is always striving to do this in an affordable way, one that makes sense to the buyer. Pete builds the cables to order, custom, every time.

More to follow...


Triode Pete

Some feedback from Stereophile's Jason Victor Serinus...

More Good Sound in Tampa

Make that three winners in a row for the sound in the room shared by Triode Wire Labs cabling, Volti Audio's Rival Type II "compact" horn loudspeaker (starts at $9400/pair; on dem was a $16,200/pair with special veneer, external crossovers, Triode Wire Labs internal wiring, and reusable crates), and BorderPatrol Audio Electronics' P21 20Wpc, 300B-based EXD power amplifier ($15,550 with Living Voice 300Bs and other options), and BorderPatrol's DAC SE ($1850 as shown). Although all the "as shown" options can begin to read like the Family Dinner choices in a Chinese restaurant (albeit with no one fixed price), this system's unquestionably warm, lovely sound and big midrange were totally listenable and inviting on Holly Cole's "Good Time Charley's Got the Blues." A blues cut by Arturo Sandoval moved equally well, and displayed the same lovely warmth.

Thanks Jason!



I have the Tortuga pre bal. version. First preamp I've ever found that I'm completely satisfied with. It's totally neutral, no coloration of any kind. My previous preamps I eventually found to be lacking in those key characteristics, and they wore on me.


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  What was the source to the Border Patrol DAC ?


Triode Pete

  What was the source to the Border Patrol DAC ?


It was Gary Dews' MacMini Server. His Innuos ZENith Mk 3. server did not arrive in time for the show... bummer!

We still made great sound!