rec's for In-ear Headphones for iPhone XR Lightning port only

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Any suggestions for in-ear headphones for iPhone XR besides airpods and Beats?  I'm looking in the sub $200 range bc I'll be using them doing yard work and exercise.

The iPhone XR doesn't have a 1/8"th jack, just the lighting port.  There are adapters, but I figured I'd lose an many pocket items to keep up with these days!



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At this point in the game, you're simply better off going with bluetooth noise cancelling options. I'm less familiar with the in-ears, but try to stick with those that still have some sort of behind-the-neck wire and/or battery pack. The ones that hang off the ear are just begging to be eaten by the lawnmower.


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Why do you think you'll lose the adapter? Unless you are using your headphones for multiple devices you just plug it onto the 3.5mm jack of the earphones and leave it there forever.