Bi-amping with one Golden Cherry Maraschino and a King Cherry or not?

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I have a Golden Cherry Maraschino on my Hyperionsound HPS-938 speakers. The speakers are 6 ohms and 90db sensitive.
I have a great sound but I'm thinking of getting a King Maraschino for the bass unit and the Golden Maraschino for the mids and highs.
Let's presume there is a benefit for bi-amping the speakers but the lower region does not benefit of the sound of the Golden Cherry.
Would it be better to have only the Golden Cherry on the speaker or would there still be benefit for having the "normal" King Cherry for the lower notes and the Golden Cherry for the mids and highs? Taking into account that i have relatively sensitive speakers.


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I just made a pledge on kickstarter for the Blue Light Special: Demo King DTM pair. :D
They also have the 3 times capacitance upgrade like the Golden Cherry.
So it should be a good match to bi-amp with these.


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