What amplifer or integrated are you using Salk Veracity HT3 are you using

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Please share what amp/integrated you have and if your satisfied. thinking about getting a pair of these and currently have a Peachtree 220 amplifier and a Schitt DAC
Will this be enough? Perhaps somebody else has the same or something similar to this
How about tubes like a Primaluna Dialogue- Which i am thinking may not be ideal since it appears power hungry but would like some thoughts


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I had a Peachtree Nova 220 integrated and that was a solid amp, however I'm not sure it was the same amp that was used in the stand alone Peachtree 220 amp, maybe it was, I'm just not sure. I also have a Primaluna Dialogue One integrated that I'm now using with Song3's, and I love it. Its an earlier version of the Dialogue Premium, but it has the same output power. The Song3's are more efficient than the HT3, but I have no issue with not having enough power. I did use Totem Hawks, which aren't too efficient, and the Primaluna did great except at really high volumes, higher than I normally listen. So, how loud do you listen? I think the Veracity HT3's like power, but they are rated at 8ohm and watts are overrated. I love the sound of the Song3's with my Primaluna, and I know Jim recently showed them with a tube amp and got a good response. I would recommend getting a Dialogue HP which is double the watts, and then you'll be set!


I don’t know if Peachtree’s 220 watt rating is RMS or not, but if it is, that amp will drive the HT3’s to about 104dB at a 10’ distance from the speakers.  Loud enough?  I used to run 200wrms monoblocks on mine, and I could clip the amps regularly.  While not always audible, I’m guessing they were clipping during peak transients constantly at modest volumes. 

The HT3’s have a sensitivity of only 84dB and are 8ohms.  Your Peachtree will get the job done, but you won’t be able to push them.  I run high powered amp, but can only get about 325wrms which seems good.  At least I know I will never clip the amp.  :D


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I have used a Van Alstine 400R very successfully with my Ht-3's. Never ran out of power, but was in a fairly small room. They have an abundance of low bass and can overwhelm a smaller room. I have tried 45watt el34 amps with them and ran out of power well before I reached my desired listening level. The speakers are on loan to a friend right now but I am going to try my Carver 305 black beauties with them when he brings them back. I use the Carvers with my SS-10's now and love the way they sound.