earstudio es100 bluetooth adapter

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earstudio es100 bluetooth adapter
« on: 6 Dec 2018, 03:47 pm »
During black week, this was on a lightning sale for $75, then later on a coupon sale for $85, which is when I bought it.
Normal price is $100.  Its worth at at the normal price, IMHO.

It had good reviews, and I asked about it at head fi and it was recommended, so I took a chance.

Came on Sat (gotta love Amazon shipping), so used it at home over the weekend, and now using it at work during the day.

Really impressed so far.  Its tiny, 2" x 1 1/8" or so and has both balanced (2.5mm) and normal (3.5 mm) outs.

At work, I have an old pair of customized Senns I picked up a long time ago (so don't know the model but they are 50 ohm) and a pair of JVC nanotube cans that were popular maybe 5 years ago.

I've also used them with some of me IEMs, including my best ones, Campfire Andromedas.  This little guys scales up well, and works well with the Andros.
I picked up factory 2nd andros last BF, but even at that price they are nowhere near C&C.

I mainly use them with a bluetooth connection to my old Samsung phone, with the phone running Tidal at their high quality (320 bps) at work, not hifi quality since I'm on cell here.
At home, I use 16/44.1 khz rates since I'm over wifi there.  I'm putting a bunch of songs on my Fire tablet, and will use that to drive the ES at home.

Not going to give an audiophile review, not even going to compare to my DAPs, haven't bothered to do that although I may at some point.

Just wanted to put this thing on your radar.  You need to add a phone, tab or PC with bluetooth to feed it.  Supposed to take USB too, but haven't tried that.
Add a decent pair of IEMs or low impedance cans, and sounds really good to my ears.
You could even use it as a cheap preamp, it has an analog volume control, and connect it to an amp, but I haven't used it like that either.



Re: earstudio es100 bluetooth adapter
« Reply #1 on: 13 Dec 2018, 03:34 am »
Not sure if there's any interest, and its only for 4 more hours, but on lightning deal for $75 now

BTW, I tried recently in balanced mode, converted my JVC's to balanced, and sounds really good like that.