12v trigger question?

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12v trigger question?
« on: 1 Dec 2018, 01:44 pm »
My mono block amps have 12v trigger inputs to receive a signal to automatically power themselves on upon another device being powered on. Unfortunately none of my other audio gear has 12v trigger outputs. So my question is where can I find a gadget with 3.5mm outputs that will send out a 12v signal to my amps upon itself receiving a signal from a remote?

Currently I own this device but it too requires being sent a signal from another device (but not a remote) to be able to send out a 12v trigger signal: https://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B013KK8ISM?ref=em_1p_0_ti&ref_=pe_5748940_352990350

Any help is greatly appreciated. Thanks.


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Re: 12v trigger question?
« Reply #1 on: 2 Dec 2018, 09:18 am »
If you have a sequencer or controlled a/c socket (I have a FURMAN CB-1800S to slowly power up several large power amps.) Personally, I can't live without a sequencer and a dedicated 20-amp a/c line, without blowing my breaker. I would think that you should be able to use a small left-over 12vdc "wall wart" to trigger the 12v input on your amps. Of course you can always use the sequencer to do that, unless you are one of these people who think their $400 a/c power cable(s) make any real difference even though they connect to plain-old $0.30 a foot Home Depot 12g/14g Romex power cable on the other side of the wall. :-)