Evolution DAC

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Re: Evolution DAC
« Reply #260 on: 20 Apr 2019, 08:54 pm »
I have written to Jason apologizing for some of the things I wrote.  I have a profound passion for NuPrime products because I love them so much, and I would love to see them be the benchmark against which everyone else measures product value and capabilities.  I not always agree on the path taken to get them there.

In that euphoria, I think I missed the fact that there are huge companies with a very large money muscle,while there are others that are more a home workshop and that it is unfair to expect both to have the same outreach and communications power.

So, I apologize for my oversight and the harshness in whichI spoke.  I myself know what it is to be the little guy facing competition from huge corporations. Please accept my apologies.

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Re: Evolution DAC
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We are very lucky to have passionate customers like Rafa  :thumb: