10th Anniversary Special Signature Edition Classic Cherry Amp!

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Back in February 2009, we made the first Cherry Amplifier Motherboard.  This was a split design with the power circuits directly mounted to the motherboard and a plug-in driver board for each channel.

Before the Cherry Amplifier, there was the DAC4800A, a two channel “prosumer” amp.  The DAC stood for Digital Amp Co, and the 4800A was just the next number in a list of prototypes.  At one point, it was DAC1200, meaning 1200W total from a Stereo amp, but the numbers lost the watts correlation after that.  At the time, we built brick shaped amplifier modules in steel cases.  These “amplifier bricks” were originally designed for an OEM’s 7-ch home theater amp. After this design, we removed the steel outer casing for better heat dissipation, allowing us to run the amp at higher power.  The next logical step was to move the module circuitry to the motherboard for fewer interconnects, higher current, and more reasonable total product cost.

So, we’re celebrating a DECADE of what’s now called the Classic Cherry Amplifier. The design has remained nearly identical over a decade!

To make our celebration even happier, we’ll be building some new-ish Classic Cherry Stereo Amps.  New-ish because the boards were carefully preserved from MEGAschino upgrades, but the enclosure is new, as well as the transformer, connectors, all internal wiring, and the faceplate, which is the most beautiful RED version we’ve made to date (:  They will be signed by the designer (me).

There are only two of these special signature edition stereo amps available, and they're only available through this Kickstarter:


Best Regards,
Tommy O