How did you decide on Salk speakers?

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Re: How did you decide on Salk speakers?
« Reply #20 on: 8 Oct 2018, 09:47 pm »
Thank you for the kind offer! We live in Portland, Oregon -- a long way from DC. If you visit Portland, you're welcome to stop by and listen to the Janszens. Not that I expect you'll run out and buy a pair, but just for the heck of it.

Mike, I'm in Lake Oswego and I'm a proud owner of Salk Song3's. I've also owned a pair of standard SongTowers and I've also heard the Wow1 monitors and Supercharged Songtowers. I'd echo what most everyone has said here regarding Salk... the quality of the drivers and workmanship are superb at any price level, but then when you compare them to speakers around the same price its generally not even close. I also like that they tend to hold their value fairly well and they're made in the USA by hand and to order makes them even more special. If you'd like to listen to my Song3's let me know. I'll look into joining the Portland Audio Club.


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Re: How did you decide on Salk speakers?
« Reply #21 on: 14 Oct 2018, 01:16 pm »
Hanging around the AH forum initially put Salk on the radar for me because I liked the way the plinths looked. Eventually a fine pair of SongTowers w/ LCY ribbons were essentially forced upon me along with a pair of DM designed MB27s. Amazingly enough, a matching SongCenter made its way into the mix ... the end. :)

Now I'm stuck with them. :)

Joe Frances

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Re: How did you decide on Salk speakers?
« Reply #22 on: 15 Oct 2018, 10:42 pm »
Mike do you have the floor standing Janszens or the monitors?  I demo-ed the larger ones and think that they are very uniquely designed and very beautifully constructed; and they sound very clear and natural.  Dave Janszen is a nice guy and puts out a good product. He seems to be going in the powered speaker direction these days, which is sensible from a marketing POV. I was close to getting those at one point, but decided not to make a change from one big tower to a slightly smaller tower since I have arthritis and am putting together a retirement system, and don't want to have to hire two hulking high school lads with a dolly and bungee cords to be able to move my speakers around when I need to do so.  I have a suspicion from what I have read that Janszen electrostats sound a lot like Salks in their clear, natural, and "open window to the music"  presentation.  Yet, I have demurred for an infuriatingly long time,  (like you I find it very hard to think about buying something this important without actually being able to hear them) but I suspect that if I could hear the Salk Silks I seem to be obsessed with, I would jump for the chance to get them. 

It's tough being a "doubting Thomas" isn't it?