Demo DACs for sale

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Demo DACs for sale
« on: 18 Oct 2018, 03:17 am »
Hey Gang,

We've got a few mint condition demo dacs for sale which will be available immediately following Captial Audiofest.   All units come with factory warranty and are in perfectly presentable condition (they are show pieces after all).

Please PM or email to inquire on pricing on the following:

Golden Atlantic DAC - Balanced with volume control (latest production model)

Big 7 - Single Ended, no volume control  Generation 6 with Pacific level capacitor upgrade (latest production model)

Golden Atlantic DAC - Single Ended with Volume control (latest production model)

Pacific DAC - Single ended --have one with and one without volume control.  We  must keep one for demonstration (absolutely latest production model)

Pacific Amplifier - LampizatOrs brand new  solid state integrated amplifier.  A reference level piece of audio kit which will debut October 27 at the Lampizator Rave in NJ.

These pieces all represent our latest sonic standards and are tremendous pieces above anything else at their respective price points.

Please contact me for pricing.



Re: Demo DACs for sale
« Reply #1 on: 31 Oct 2018, 03:42 pm »
For those of you headed to Capital Audiofest this weekend we plan on having the:

1.  Pacific SE
2.  Big 7 SE
3.  Golden Atlantic SE w/vc
4.  Komputer server
5.  Super Komputer

If interested in these pieces we'd be happy to hand them off in person at the show and avoid shipping.   

Shoot me a PM if interested