Blue Home Theater

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Blue Home Theater
« on: 28 Jun 2018, 08:21 pm »
Faisal sent us this picture and wanted to know if we could do that color over Karelian birch burl.

Of course we could!

He ordered a pair of SoundScape 8's, a SoundScape 7C center channel with stand, a pair of Supercharged SongSurrounds and stands and two Rythmik 15" subwoofers.

Here are some pictures...

And a close-up...

And here is a picture of the Supercharged SongSurrounds and stands...

And a close-up...

We did not take pictures of the center channel or the subwoofers, but you get the idea.

All of these were shot in extra high gloss topcoat and hand-rubbed to a mirror-like finish.

Happy listening Faisal!

- Jim


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Re: Blue Home Theater
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I would love to see a couple of photos when they are all set-up in the listening room!


Re: Blue Home Theater
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WOW, stunning. Nice work.....


Re: Blue Home Theater
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when I hit the lotto you will be my 3rd call :)


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Re: Blue Home Theater
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