L2 Signature Monoblocks - Information and Discussion Thread

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Re: L2 Signature Monoblocks - Information and Discussion Thread
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Michael Lavorgna of Twittering Machines has posted a spectacular review of the L2 Signature Preamplifier & Monoblocks combo!


Photo Credit: Michael Lavorgna / TwitteringMachines.com

“The Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature system goes deep. Way, way deep into the music. The overall presentation is rock solid, super stable, squeaky clean and precise coupled with a full boded and rich but not over-ripe sound.

The L2 system made my DeVore’s sound like new speakers, capable of things hereto only imagined. Bass response in particular was better than I’ve heard from the Xs and by “better” I mean in every meaningful way which includes tone, body, weight, and impact. The sound image completely decoupled from the speakers, filling the barn with stereo-defying presence in every dimension. Sounds picked, plucked, strummed, and sung sprung from all over the damned place like a sonic fireworks display. At the same time there was a tactile sense of the subtle, a caressing of micro-detail and nuance, allowing time and timing to create tension and release, the stuff that turns hifi into a moving musical experience. Balancing and delivering all of these traits is, in my experience, something special.

I’ve been following Vinnie Rossi’s hifi products going on 15 years and I am happy to see, hear, and report that he has arrived at the deep end of the pool with a truly satisfying splash. Coupled with my source and speakers, the Vinnie Rossi L2 Signature components offered some of the most musically satisfying sound I’ve heard in the Barn. Bravo!”

-Michael Lavorgna, TwitteringMachines.com

Photo Credit: Michael Lavorgna / TwitteringMachines.com

Many thanks to Michael for all the time and effort with reviewing the entire L2 Signature System, and I am very much looking forward to Part 2! :notworthy:  8)