Song3-A's in black satin - SOLD

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Song3-A's in black satin - SOLD
« on: 30 Jun 2018, 12:25 pm »
A customer wanted to upgrade form the Song3's to the Song3-A's.  About half way through the project, he was having second thoughts since he loved his Song3's.  Since we were well on our way, I suggested that we may as well finish them up and if he decided he didn't want them, we'd put them up for sale. He agreed and asked for the right to make a final decision once they were finished.

We finished final assembly yesterday and the customer decided not to upgrade.  So these are available for immediate delivery. 

Here is a picture of the Song3-A's...

This is a perfect speaker for a music system or the foundation of a great home theater system or both.  It is now our fastest selling speaker.

Song3-A's are $3895 per pair plus shipping.

- Jim
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