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Re: New MPOD and MPAD
« Reply #80 on: 12 Aug 2018, 03:29 am »
I can now see the song lists which i could not before. I don't know if the original problem was related to cover art. Before i could not see the song list or the cover art. Now i have both. I also have the problem where i cannot add songs to the queue. I should say i can add one song by long pressing the song and selecting add next or add end.  If i try to ad a second song nothing happens. The add to end option i still selected.


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Re: New MPOD and MPAD
« Reply #81 on: 14 Aug 2018, 03:16 am »

My only usability issue is that the Queue process is not intuitive, and I cannot figure out how to add a 2nd album to an already playing queue.  If I go into an album track list, hit the play button, that album plays.  Go back to the cover view, long hold on a new cover for adding another album, and the 5 options appear.  The button "Add at End" would seem to be what I want, but it does not do anything, the queue stays as it was when I selected the first album.  This is no different if I had selected the first album also with a long hold and press "Add next and Play" - I still can't add to the queue.  (using an iPad Air... latest iOS).

Update:  upon a restart of the device, the queue is now working, ie. “Add at End” does exactly that when you select from the long hold menu.  No idea why it would not work last week...  look forward to ongoing little tweaks, but Rigelian is perfectly functional now, and I am especially enjoying using Composer sort.

I notice too that Bryston has linked to Rigelian on the Bryston site, so it has semi-official status, which does give a touch more confidence in using it.


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Re: New MPOD and MPAD
« Reply #82 on: 14 Aug 2018, 06:11 am »
Any chance this can be fixed to support older 0.17 version of mpd?
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Re: New MPOD and MPAD
« Reply #83 on: 4 Sep 2018, 12:49 pm »
Hi Folks

Shoutcast Radio added.