Music Library - Help with Acoustics

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Music Library - Help with Acoustics
« on: 14 Mar 2018, 02:03 am »

Like a lot of you I'm sure - I have a flawed space which I am preparing to use as my listening room.  I'm calling it the "Music Library" because of my love of music and books.  I'll have a two channel listening system in here - with Salk Song 3A speakers (front ported) as the main attraction.  I'm 52, and a majority of what I listen to is rock/pop/folk/etc from about 1967 to 1990.

The room has a number of issues - dimensions are small, and not that far from square (13'8" x 11'4" x 9').  There are two windows and an intruding closet wreaking havoc as well.

Other than the Salks - there will be one or two bookcases, a leather loveseat, and a small equipment rack of some sort - all yet to be purchased and yet to be placed in the room.  The only other decor decisions that have been made are carpet on the floors and drapes (of some sort) on the windows.

The speakers are ordered but not even delivered yet - and I've done exactly zero acoustic measurement in the space.  So right now - all concerns/issues/problems are projected.  My main concern initially is boomy/uneven bass - so I'm likely to spend a majority of my initial $1000 budget on GIK bass treatments.  I MIGHT think about a DIY approach to first reflections - leaving nearly all of the budget to try to tame the bass as best as possible.  Then as budget allows in the future I could replace my DIY efforts with more GIK products if it makes sense.  But that's just what I'm thinking right now. 

I'm interested in hearing your thoughts on speaker placement, room layout, and of course acoustic treatments.

Keep in mind that the room is the room.  Imperfect as it is - it is what I have to work with.



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Re: Music Library - Help with Acoustics
« Reply #1 on: 14 Mar 2018, 02:05 pm »
Hey IndyLions,

That's a nice little room for a music library! I think you are on the right track for sure starting with bass trapping and early reflections. But before we get into treatments we should dial in room setup.... if that was me I'd face the left wall when listening, so the speakers are firing toward the right wall (with the closet and the opening/doorway). There are various strategies you can employ to place the listening position and the speakers.... For details, see our room setup strategy and my Speaker Placement 201 article series on my blog.

For treatments, you can do a lot with a $1k budget for sure. If you want to use GIK products, feel free to contact me offlist via email ( or telephone (404-496-5396) and we can go over details to maximize results within your budget.