2018 iphone/ipad wireless to DAC methods

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2018 iphone/ipad wireless to DAC methods
« on: 13 Mar 2018, 10:18 am »
I am currently using Icon IDO to get a digital output from my iphone and ipad to various hifi setups. With one, I use the digital output to a AK4495 DAC, the other I use the IDO’s internal DAC. I have not been able to compare like for like as they, are in different systems in different locations.

I am happy with the sound, but I would like to investigate wireless options. I am likely to get a DAC for the system that currently does not use one, so I am looking for wireless options with good digital outputs (spdif) Optical or coax. Coax preferred.

As an iphone user, Airplay options appeal for simplicity, but I have started to read about frequent drop outs, which would not be acceptable.

Bluetooth is also an option, but I would expect that the sound quality to be inferior. Opinions on Bluetooth please?

My music is stored in Apple lossless - halved now. I am probably going to revert to full lossless.

What are people using?

Options/Ideas so far:
Neet wireless music receiver. Airplay. Optical out only. There are several types like this

Miracast type dongle fed into a HDMI to coax converter. Airplay. I am not sure that this will work.


Bluetooth Audio Receiver 2x RCA SPDIF Optical Toslink Coaxial aptX DAC. Optical and coax.



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Re: 2018 iphone/ipad wireless to DAC methods
« Reply #1 on: 13 Mar 2018, 10:21 am »

audio pro link one. This would allow multi room via their app. Interesting not essential.