Introduction: Accurate Sound Reproduction Services

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Introduction: Accurate Sound Reproduction Services
« on: 24 Jul 2020, 07:52 am »

My name is Mitch and I have been involved in audio for over 40 years. Wow, time flies. I was trained as an electronics technologist and designed and built amplifiers, preamps, speakers for friends and bands which got me into live sound reinforcement on the road with bands mixing live sound. For ten years, I worked in several recording studios as a recording and mixing engineer. In addition to calibrating and maintaining the studio equipment, I have been involved in several studio and control room builds, including ground up builds of two Chips Davis LEDE control rooms. One of them equipped with the Who's old Neve console with flying faders. I also ran a company that designed and manufactured passive acoustical products such as bass traps, diffuser panels and wide band absorbers. I used a TEF computer to measure the before and after effects of room treatment.

In the early 90's when the studio scene dried up, I went back to school for Software Engineering and have been designing and building software as a day job ever since. I kept my hand in audio and renewed my interest in Digital Signal Processing (DSP) software for Digital Room Correction (DRC) in 2010. I wrote several articles on the topic of Audiolense, Acourate and Dirac for another online publication, including writing a book on "Accurate Sound Reproduction using DSP" published on Amazon:

I have been using DSP DRC for the last 10 years and have applied it to so many systems that I decided to offer it as a professional service late last year. I have worked with dozens of folks and their systems from all over the world, designing custom FIR filters to match their loudspeakers to their rooms - custom designed transfer function.

I love meeting people and understanding their systems and rooms. I enjoy being able to fully optimize one's system to their room. There is such a thing as accurate sound and if you are interested, please visit my site:

Happy Listening!

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