WTB: spare Oyaide male power plugs

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WTB: spare Oyaide male power plugs
« on: 19 Jan 2018, 08:42 pm »
If you have any spare Oyaide P-037 male type power plugs - these are rhodium plated - I'm interested and willing to offer up to $50 each as long as the blades are in good condition.  If you have other Oyaide male power plugs, I might be interested, depending on the plug. 

I'll need you to prove they are authentic Oyaide plugs, as there are multitudes of knock-offs out there.  There are indicators to look for.  I'll want you to supply some pics of some key elements to verify authenticity, or some other indication of authenticity such as purchase evidence from a verified dealer. 

Well, send me a PM if you have any you might be willing to part with.