SOLD: WTL Amadeus Turntable w/Dynavector XX-2 MK2 Cartridge, DPS Power Supply

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Hear Clifford Brown


Well Tempered Lab acclaimed Amadeus turntable with lightly used (less than 500 hours) Dynavector XX-2 cartridge. This is a very high quality cartridge (serial #74971) in truly excellent condition.  The pair sound wonderful together. I would be willing to separate, price negotiable upon separation.  Also includes the upgraded DPS separate power supply.  The pictured dust cover is available to a buyer for the cost of shipping in a separate box.  Everything is in excellent condition and operates perfectly.  The only flaw is a small scratch in the front of the plinth shown in one picture.

This is the newer version Amadeus turntable with the triangular Teflon bearing.

Many on line reviews of his wonderfully musical one owner table: 

•   The Amadeus was featured in The Absolute Sounds Editors Choice Awards of 2013.  "The latest version of William Firegaugh's inventive turntable and arm design has ultra-quiet background, superbly non-resonant neutral sound, complete speed stability, surprising bass extension, easy setup and operation, and compatibility with a wide range of cartridges....overall the high end at a budget price" 

•   From the TAS Robert E. Greene review:  "At anywhere near the price point, it is hard to fault the Amadeus.  The combination of superbly quiet, stable, solid low-distortion playback with unusually good bass performance.... one could spend a lot more money, but I would listen carefully to the Amadeus first. It is something exceedingly fine, far beyond its modest price."

•   From Six Moons:  "It was like hearing my records for the first time".
•   From Tone Magazine:  "the Amadeus plays only what is on the vinyl and not one iota more... if I'd been told the price was two, three or even five times as much, I’d still consider it a good buy."

Includes Amadeus Turntable and arm with original box and manual, Dynavector XX-2 Cartridge with original box and manual, DPS with original box, Auditorium 23 Standard Mat, stock mat, strobe disk.

The turntable box is in great shape for shipping.  The cartridge and DPS boxes will be packed in a larger box for shipping.  I will split the cost of shipping those two boxes.

If desired the dust cover will be boxed and shipped by the UPS store at the buyers expense.

Split PayPal fees.   

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