The 'Sarah Lee" approach to Power Cords

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The 'Sarah Lee" approach to Power Cords
« on: 17 Dec 2004, 03:47 pm »
Everybody doesn't like something,
But nobody doesn't like Sarah Lee.....

Many question the 'wisdom' of aftermarket powercords, and honestly, I've grown tired of these religious debates....

Similarly, when someone posts - "I've replaced my stock powrcord with a the latest Priapism3000 powercord for the bargain price of $400, and its improved my system by 6,000%, I can only think - "Its interesting that Darwinism is still a force in modern society..."

I suggest that anyone interested in evaluation the efficacy of upgraded removeable grounded powercords purchase the Volex 17604 (2 meter) or 17605 (3 meter) powercords. These provide-

1. 3 wire, 14ga, shielded cord.
2. moulded cold welded (crimped) standard 3 prong grounded 5-15p plug on one and the standard 386E IEC female plug on the other end. The standard removeable cordset as found on many components and computers.
3. The cord has insulating fiber between the wires and the shielding to povide resiliance against foot traffic. Many lower cost generic cords do not provide this. An unintended consequence of this achchitecture (shared with the Belden 19364 cordage, as used in the 'Asylum Cord') is that the shield is spaced away from the wires, minimizing 'to ground' capacitance., a good thing.

If you don't like them, or wish to move up to more 'bespoke' products, use them on your computer; the shielding will help minimize RFI, and you'll probably save a few cents/yr on electricity due to their well specified low resistance..

They are available from -
enter '17604' or '17605'; in the search box, recently prices have gone up substantially.
[Edit - ncaudio has pointed out that Carlton Bates has a $25 minimum order so you might order 6+ for an even better discount and give them to freinds so that they'll think you really strange...]

Replace whichever stock cords you wish (I'd suggest all of them). If you want to hardwire them with no IEC, simply circumcise the IEC end, it just as inexpensive to do that then  buy the cord lacking the IEC.  Note - If you have Levinson equipment, you've already got them......

This is not to say that 'audiophile' aftermarket cords don't provide incremental benefits, but at a usual cost of 20X+ that of the Volex, one would hope so.

When you do evaluate aftermarket cords, please compare them to the Volex, not with what came with your component. The Volex, IMO, is the biggest bang for the buck powercord available. There is nothing about them that could offend the bargain hunter, whether they be objectivist or subjectivist. Other cords certainly can improve upon them, but you must ask - What incremental value is provided for what incremental cost? That depends on your individual metrics. For me, the Volex is my baseline powercord, that  'minimal level of mediocraty'. Others, with better ears and more discerning tastes, might well consider another cord as their baseline.  I do use powercords beyond the Volexes, but the cost of their raw components alone are > 5X+  the cost of the complete assembled Volex.

Tis better to light a single candle than curse the darkness.

Anyone with comments, suggestions or additions for this thread, please PM me..... If anyone finds a complete cable that betters the Volex for less than $25ea, let me know.

EDIT - Here is a thread discussing various Circler's impressions of the Volex cords -
EDIT: - New, working links to Carleton Bates reflecting increased prices
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