Journey of my DAC 10

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Re: Journey of my DAC 10
« Reply #80 on: 28 Jun 2019, 11:04 pm »
Hi Tan
Sorry to hear about your ordeal with lightning strikes in your area. I live in the US and the state where I am is also lightning prone so I feel your pain. My house has been hit a few times. I had to develop a protection strategy to deal with it. Firstly, I had the power company installed a device at the meter. That’s supposed to protect the whole house. Then I got my electrician installed another device at the fuse box (Eaton CHSPT2ULTRA) then I got my electronics connected to a single Zerosurge surge protector. My power is relatively clean since the house is new and all my gears are connected to a single fuse line, the only power conditioning that I use is a Shunyata Defender which I am happy with. Maybe you can think of something similar for your location. The whole setup costs about a thousand USD. considering the price of the items you are protecting, isn’t too much. Take care.


Re: Journey of my DAC 10
« Reply #81 on: 29 Jun 2019, 12:17 am »
We are working on a very good but reasonably priced AC regenerator.

For the last four days I have been accessing this forum from work. Its where I am right now. Lightning took down my phone line and DSL.  Here in Georgia (USA) where I live, lightning during certain times of year becomes a way of life.  Today (Friday) ATT-Bellsouth finally repaired the box outside my apartment.  The repairman said several modules for the apartment complex had been taken out.  And an underground  power problem had also complicated the fix. 

As of the moment, it looks like tonight (after work) I will have my DSL back.  Where I used to live in Georgia before where I am now,  lightning took out the TV and a phone.  I think, also a modem bit the dust.  Now when it looks like a stormy day, I unplug from the wall all what I do not want to lose inside my apartment.  So, what your weather troubles brings you, I also understand...

Tan Raymond

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Re: Journey of my DAC 10
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Hi Spenev,
Thanks for the info. Will look at what extra devices I can get to reduce these problems. For electricity, I already have the avr with surge protection and my music system also have a separate line with surge protector.

Thanks again. Enjoy the music