R.I.P. Tomasz Stanko

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This is sad. His early CD "Music for K" is sublime. His late career renaissance on ECM was both impactful and a delightful surprise. I never thought he'd pull himself out of the depths. So not only some fantastic music, but a living object lesson that it's never too late to turn your life around.

RIP, sir.



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Damn, sad sad day. I really liked his style.


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Re: R.I.P. Tomasz Stanko
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Hi Tom, long time no see. Why don’t you invite me over so we can drink some of your expensive scotch and listen to your new system?  :thumb:

Thanks for the Stanko posting. Used to be a big fan but haven’t listened to him for some time now.
There was an lp of his from the late 1970s, Almost Green, that I practically wore out. Stanko was terrific but his tenor/soprano player, rising star Tomasz Szukalski was even better. Tragically, because of his political views Szukalski was spied on and persecuted by the Soviet KGB - they took his house and belongings and left him living on the street and in broken physical and mental health, thus depriving the world of true artistry. Of course, that guy who runs Russia now was in the leadership of the KGB at the time ...