Help! plug Amp directly into wall outlet or use high quality surge protector?

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Well, after looking into the Panamax and Brick Wall, I decided on the Brick Wall. The Panamax was cool looking, but felt the Brick Wall was what I needed.


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I will let you know how the Odessey and Don Sachs sound together. It's been 13 weeks waiting for the amp and 6 for the pre-amp. I hope to get them soon!! Rick
Looking forward to it


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I went with the Brickwall and am very happy with it, small price to pay for a little piece of mind, I know there can be circumstances that nothing will protect against, but........


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i always have my amps unplugged if not in use, and I do not play them during a storm.

i always leave my preamp on, the cd player gets turned on when i turn the amps on for a jam session, usually about 2-3 hrs in the on position to warm up before i sit down with a single malt/ or a bier.
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I use Brickwall on my front end, but plug my Extremed Kismets straight into the wall, with Pangea AC-9 power cords. Even thusly, I'm not sure if they couldn't use a more direct approach, like dedicated 20amp run to the listening room.