SAS 10A preamp....first impressions

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SAS 10A preamp....first impressions
« on: 9 Dec 2004, 04:01 am »
Although I have heard this preamp twice before, it was never in my own system, so I really had no frame of reference...other than to say that the system I heard it in, sounded quite good. (AudioJerry's system).  I was next on the audition when the unit arrived today, I immediately hooked it up and started to listen.

Over three hours later, listening to very familiar music, I can tell you that my first impressions are very positive.  To give the reader a frame of reference, I have an Audio Research SP16 preamp and VS110 amplifier.  I also have one pair of SAS interconnects in the system between the ARC CD3 MkII player and the preamp.  I liked them well enough that I am buying one of the demo pairs from Steve.  I have used Better Cables silver serpents, MIT Terminator 2's and ARC litzwire and Steve's cables brought about a synergy in my system that I don't want to do without.

I have some ideas already about the differences I'm hearing with the 10A in the system...but want to do more listening before I try to clearly delineate them in print.  Early impressions are:  At the asking price, I don't think there is anything (that I've heard) on the market anywhere near it that will help you engage the music the way this unit does.

More to come.