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Wind Chaser

They are Spatial M3 Turbo S, which are open baffle speakers with a high sensitivity rating. I don't need all that power on tap as tubes work as well on these speakers but those 15" dual drivers on each speaker does require a good "grip" to get them to sing, which the STA-9 monoblocks do just fine with. Tubes do bring out the 3D aspect of the music a small amount better but, for the price, the STA-9s are easily a match in tonality and dynamics.

Oh, that's good to know, especially with M3ts. I have a single STA-9 en route, but I'm not sure if I should graduate to two 9's or a single 10? 


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I'm very new to this hobby, and when I was first started I was actually trying to decide between sound bar and stereo speakers. I didn't know the sound quality difference was so huge.

Soon I realize I need a two channel setup that allows me to stream music from Spotify. However I found it very difficult to find a good Hi-Fi system that supports Spotify natively. So I purchased a Teac integrated amp with AirPlay capability with KEF Q300.

I have been researching stereo knowledge since then. I have read almost all the thread in this forum. And one most important finding is that I actually don't need Spotify and AirPlay support built in, these features can be provided by Raspberry Pi and Volumio. What I really need is a good USB DAC. This finding opened a whole lot more new options to me.

9 months later I upgraded my speaker to a floor stand Focal Aria 926, and I need a new amp to power these speakers. I choose NuPrime STA-9 and DAC-9.

This setup works as expected so far. I also use Toslink for TV.


Hey, just a quick comment to note that I didn't forget about the reward. It has been super busy in the past 2 months preparing for the "new" nuprime: new website, custom audio, new products etc. 


I have transferred one post to the new website:
These posts are also attached to the related product pages. Really appreciate those of you who spent time to provide these content.

After I copy the content to the website, I will start to contact you about the gift.  Won't take long now.

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take a look at the nicely layout customer's post here
I will be messaging each of you for your shipping info for free gift or discount credit.


I took this topic out of sticky mode so others can see new posts clearly. We are looking for your experience with wireless audio with Nuprime products, also later CDP-9 and amps. 
You get to select from a list of gifts if your article is selected and posted on the website (you're welcome if you want to have your name and city mentioned in your post):
choice of gifts are: Encore mDSD, WR-100D, uDSD, or 10% to 15% (bigger discount for in-depth article) coupon for next purchase.
Please include a photo of your setup in your post.

You can write in your native language.


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Posts look nice in the new page! I think its a great approach to have regular users comment on their experiences.

Congrats to everyone who got showcased.  Best regards,


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My gift uDSD came today in the mail! Thanks Jason for taking good care of customers.

I'll post on the main thread my findings and questions, but wanted to say thanks for this.   Nice addition to my audio family!

Best regards,


Thanks Jason and NuPrime! Received my gift (uDSD) and haven't had a chance to listen to it long (just a couple of minutes to see if it worked with my MBP). Will post findings of the uDSD as I pair it with my newly received Sennheiser HD6XX headphones (I loved the HD650s when I had them a while back before they broke).

Thank you again and grateful for NuPrime gear I have on this US Thanksgiving holiday!



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Three of the components of my system have been tried of STA 9 pair with (1) KEF LS 50 (2) B&W DM302 (3) Scanspeak 710003 + Vifa NE180W-04. The good sounds ranking are 3>2>1. I found that the sta9 is better pair with soft dome like coated textile diaphragm as ScanSpeak Revelator D2904/7100-03.

 It is now become my reference speakers instead of KEF LS50.


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Hello all,

I have always loved music and it is part of my life since I am a teenager even if I am not a person that knows by heart all the artists and their albums. I like the good sound and I listen all type of music from philharmonic to rock, acoustic, hip hop or electro. I have been to several auditorium in France where people play to you only classical music when you want to buy a hi-fi system. This does not suit me. I have grown with other types of music and I would like to have a system suitable for a large variety of musics.

I have started when I was young with my uncle’s hifi system, an Akai AA-5210 amplifier and French 3A Apogée speakers with huge 25cm speakers. It was nice until I broke a loudspeaker during a party and the amplifier volume control was starting to be damaged. I then switched to Focal Chorus 714S and a HC Yamaha amplifier. I have never really been satisfied with the sound stage but I kept it for a long time until now. I knew the amplifier was the weak part.

I have tried to search an integrated amplifier with a good compatibility with my speakers as I did not have the budget to change everything at once and it has been really difficult… I had mainly targeted 2 amplifiers which where the NAD C368 and the NAIM Unity Atom. The NAD was giving a too harsh sound with Pop Rock music and it was tiring even after a couple of minutes. The NAIM was a better match but the price is more than double of the NAD. Then I decided to read again and I discovered Nuforce, I read the story of the company and discovered the Nuprime brand from Jason. The IDA-8 became my target only on reviews because of its completeness and its sounds which is a bit warm with the class A preamp and to be frank, the price was really interesting.  I was searching an amp with all the digital inputs as I do not listen CD anymore and the IDA-8 had everything build in. For the NAD I would need to add also the Bluesound module and on the NAD, with the WR-100D, I would have the same in the future.

Now I really start in the high fidelity with the IDA-8, I can watch my TV and movies using the optical cable, my computer and NAS using the USB A, the USB B for the Bluetooth with the good BTR8 and soon the WR-100D. The output sound is great, the design of the amp and super nice and you can put it everywhere with its size! The speakers became the weak part of my system. They sound a bit flat and lack the 3D scene that I could hear with the Sonus Faber Chameleon B of a friend so I am thinking to upgrade them and I feel the IDA-8 can drive really nice speakers of 3 or 4 times its price. I start to be addicted with this hobby and I think I will continue my journey with Nuprime products!


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a few better pictures.


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I like the sound of Dueval´s  Bella Luna Diamante. Sends the sound all over. Bought them. (Before I had Carlson A5 speakers)
Then I had to buy amplifier that could match that quality. My old dear one (Luxman) did not live up to my Bella.
Valve or not? Had no idea. I am no expert in that field. Had to rely on recommendations.  That's how I ended up with IDA-16.


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The story of how a long-cherished hobby has become a new passion.

The 90s were shaped by music for me and my friends. They played rock music in their band and at home we heard Pink Floyd, Manfred Man, Steve Miller, Alan Parson's Project, and ever new groups.

At home, the first LP collection was created, which slowly grew bigger and bigger. My friend's brother already had a good hi-fi system, and gave us tips on how to enhance the sound experience.
He was always so well informed from inexplicable sources that we went home each time at joint listening sessions with a degree of consciousness change.
Listening can be learned and intensified.
Like every music listener, I also started small.

First of all, the "off-the-shelf equipment" improved by the recommendations of our friend. And behold, something did happen. Constantly there was a gain in sound experience.
Over time, I've invested a lot, and I'm glad. That I did not jump on the train, which suggests us: dearer is better.
The best friend for good music is your own ear, but even that often requires support from experienced side.
In recent years, my collection of LPs and CDs has increased considerably. But for a long time my hi-fi system remained unchanged.
My wish was a definitive solution.
I bought a pair of speakers from Switzerland from my HIFI consultant. And he made me aware of NuPrime. A few weeks later he gave me an IDA-8 for the audition and I was immediately impressed.
After a while, I decided on the NuPrime DAC-10H and ST-10.

As a drive for the CD playback I served a box from Austria.

My favorite genre is jazz in small ensembles and world music, with acoustic instruments.

What was revealed to me now had never been heard before. A naturalness paired with spatiality and pinpoint localization of the musicians. A bass, precise and dry. The voices a bit more center-weighted which I did not notice negatively. It makes listening to music more relaxed.

But the increase was yet to follow. Since last year, we eagerly awaited the CDT-8 Pro. When he was finally available in Germany, I immediately ordered the CDT-8 Pro.
The CDT-8 Pro is the boost I just did not expect. You can not express it in percentages. That's the way music has to sound.

The NuPrime devices have made a new collection from my old collection of CDs.

A satisfied NuPrime customer from Germany


Great story, Westerwälder. Thanks for sharing.




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great to hear that story. Just small questions:
- is the gap between the ida-8 and STA10 - DAC10 really huge ? , I guess somehow yes.
- What do you compare the CDT-8 with ? streamed music or another CD player ?


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Hello Amal,
First, I must say that the difference in Nuprime products in the respective price ranges is already impressive.
The Ida-8 has played my much more expensive amplifier in the ground. And the increase is just the DAC-10 and ST-10. A natural, honest, lifelike reproduction. Crisp bass, not inflated. Unrestricted listening to music is guaranteed. I compared the CDT-8 with my highly acclaimed Pro-Ject CD Box RS. This is now for a fraction of the purchase price for sale. Increases NuPrime guarantees in any case. For me, there is no alternative for now. Cables once again make some differences, or network filters. Even speakers can still hear differences. But the electronic stands for me after a long search. I feel more relaxed.


I was forced into the audiophile world back in the 70's.   I was a musician who had to quit the business before the music industry at that time could trap and destroy my soul.  It was being destroyed by drugs, etc.   You just could not find any musicians who were talented and clean living at that point in time...    Long story short.  With tears I quit the quest to make music live...

In my pain I sought music just the same.  That is when I found myself engulfed in the budding audiophile world coming into its own.   BSR corporation ( made turntables back then) had a factory warehouse a few miles from where I lived. Took a job there and started what was to be an education that has no graduating class.   Always learning.

Where to start?   With something objective.  I learned a very big lesson in audio in my job that followed working for BSR.  I entered the world of a brick and mortar Audio shop that sold high end equipment.   Learned not to be afraid of audio equipment which can be intimidating while learning what one needs to know what he is doing.  Best place to start?   Speakers that you believe are excellent quality. For these will let you know how all the rest of your equipment will sound.  The hard part is locating which excellent speaker is for your needs.  One lesson I learned back in those days was that tube equipment was leaps ahead of solid state.  That is why I chose my Nuprime ST-10.  For its sounds in many ways like a McIntosh tube amp that I listened with back then.   Only better in the tightness of the bass.

So... I tried several excellent quality small speakers for my audiophile desk top listening.  The ones I have now are some of the most transparent speakers one can ask for with a desktop.  They let you hear even slight changes made in the system.  The ST-10 works hand in hand in the 'transparency' department.  Now the speakers and amplifier are considered hi-end audio sound.  The preamp that I found works beautifully with my ST-10?  Is a super entry level passive pre-amp that so happens to have an excellent volume control (potentiometer)  APLS Blue. It works great in balanced mode with the ST-10.   Its cost?  Peanuts!  The audio snob would never give it s a thought.  Bought it to be used as a preamp to try balanced mode and never looked back since....

Another important thing.  Audio snobs are programmed to hate tone controls/ equalization, etc. 

I broke all their rules by using a Barcus Berry BBE Sonic Maximizer.  Good quality small speakers usually need no treble boost.  Its their bottom that suffers in many rooms.  It so happens that the BBE uses an excellent linear dynamic EQ to help small speakers in that area.   Its not a boom box.  It opens up the sound in a very realistic sounding way. I was tar and feathered in several forums when attempting to discuss the BBE.   

Audio snobs are like religious fanatics.  They will kill you if you mention what they consider to be blasphemy in their presence.  Their loss-  I have the "gain."  Bass from small speakers in a near field situation can sound shockingly good with a BBE.

Once the speakers are established as acceptable?  Its up to you where next to try.  Cables   Pre-amp and amp?  Integrated? 

I also chose a DAC that I busted the bank to get. Its something that I knew would have to sound good objectively.  Not for everyone.  A Schiit Yggdrasil.  Could have bought an older used car with what I spent.  But, I knew by its design that it objectively had to be doing things right.

The Nuprime ST-10 (TDSS modded)... and I are joined at the hip.   Speakers may change at some point for a different flavor of excellent.  But, I seriously doubt any need for a change in amplifier.  The preamp?  Mine is far from being an audiophile status symbol.  Have a laugh and click link.  But it sounds great with my system!

That means?  No matter how cheap it may seem to be? If it sounds excellent?   It stays!   


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That Barcus Berry Sonic Maximizer can work wonders with some gear.
If my preamps would play nice with them I'd still own some. 


That Barcus Berry Sonic Maximizer can work wonders with some gear.
If my preamps would play nice with them I'd still own some.

It has worked wonders in every system I have had since they came out in the 80's.  What kind of pre amp problems were you seeing?
I use mine only for the bottom end.  I leave the high end "Process" turned off.   The newer better smaller speakers rarely are weak in the high end.   Get a phase coherent speaker and some very interesting things begin to shine.