Hammond Choke Tweak Still Awesome

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Re: Hammond Choke Tweak Still Awesome
« Reply #20 on: 2 Dec 2014, 05:13 pm »
here is a quote from Al S. from the above link:

"These devices have significant low frequency winding resistance (57 ohms for the 193L and 63 ohms for the 193M), so they do not present a short-circuit to high frequency noise. They appear to work by damping high frequency resonances with the winding resistance, as the core behavior drops out above about 5 KHz."

Now Al is a pretty knowledgable dude, and the wording above does not inspire much confidence in how a choke used in parallel "appear(s) to work".  Or if it really does anything at all.

I think what he was referring to at that time was that the choke will provide both a pathway for noise, and a load for noise traveling hot to neutral. This is similar to what Quiet Lines and the like accomplish. You have to give the noise a load to dissipate into or it just moves from one place to another. Its been a long time  since that post but I believe that was the essence of what he was getting at.

Plenty more reading over there if you are interested.

I find that they make a real difference at my house And that you can go a little too far with them too. (Having too many.)


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Re: Hammond Choke Tweak Still Awesome
« Reply #21 on: 20 May 2017, 03:29 pm »
Going to recommend this tweak once more. I've had the choke out of my setup for a while due to other projects. Put the choke back in. Did an A/B once again with my W1070 and the image quality is glorious. So smooth and rich, and the contrast... man. I wish these things weren't so bulky or I'd offer a tour. Just can't recommend it enough.

Another member's version from some years ago.