SPDIF iPurifier Review

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Re: SPDIF iPurifier Review
« Reply #20 on: 28 Dec 2017, 08:47 pm »
Sometimes I read that some audiophiles systematically disregard specifications, measurements ...

The new DAC use asynchonus protocol with USB connection -> the cable do not add jitter. The problem will be if the DAC uses the power from the USB computer, very noisy. The problem, again, is the noise (electrical) of the power and not the data.

The other problem is that the computer (RAM, hard disk and CPU) generates jitter that once added to the signal can not be eliminated, so you have to prevent it.

iFi, Schiit... brands to avoid I think.

PS: I have an iFi iCAN (class A headphones amp). My headphones sound much better from my second hand AV Marantz SR4500 cheap tweaked. Well, with clean power too. I have always thought that the SMPS was very improvable. Before the tweaks and clean power the iCAN sounded better but now...

I can read: Ultra Low Noise AC/DC adapter in the cheap SMPS.