MADE in the USA - If you like US Made = EVOKE might be a consideration

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John Casler

While few products have every part made in the USA, the EVOKE is now using a California Cabinet Maker and so we are now Made and Assembled in the USA.

I know some appreciate this effort, and support companies that want to build and assemble here.  We too appreciate that type of support.

So, if you are one of those, check out EVOKE.

We have a Speaker Model that fits virtually all Price Performance Points of High End.


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Drivers made in the US, very rare, very cool  :thumb:

John Casler

Drivers made in the US, very rare, very cool  :thumb:

No, didn't mean to infer that.  I should have been more clear.  Drivers are from around the world.  Mark can be more specific.

I doubt one will find a speaker with every one of the "parts" made in USA.

But EVOKE have parts (not all), and are manufactured/assembled/built in the US (California to be exact)