Tech Notes: Micro iDSD Black Label

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Tech Notes: Micro iDSD Black Label
« on: 24 Jan 2017, 09:15 pm »

Micro iDSD Black Label

The M-series. Evolved.

The micro iDSD Black Label is the world's most powerful DSD/PCM/DXD battery-powered DAC.
The Black Label looks good on the outside and functions even better then it looks with its sonics advanced with the very latest components.

Features /Technologies

•   DAC digital signal and digital power sections upgraded
•   AMR Global Master Timing® femto-precision clock system upgraded for ‘super low’ phase-noise/jitter
•   Analogue signal and power sections revised
•   3D+®  performance-tuned / XBass+® performance-tuned
•   Latest Output stabilisation network offers less distortion

Sonically much smoother, with more weight and with a full-bodied mid-range. The bass is deeper and cleaner. The Black Label is in every way, the ‘turbo charged’ version of the normally aspirated micro iDSD.

Burnt orange silk print is set against new, sleek matt and gloss black anodising. While keeping in essence the same design philosophy, we re-engineered the micro iDSD after taking on board customer suggestions and integrating the most advanced and newest components available.

Glassmonkey on Head Fi says, “Go get one. What the heck are you waiting for? There isn’t a so easily transportable DAC/Amp combo out there with the technical capabilities of the iDSD Black Label. It has a crisp, transparent, neutral presentation. It can power headphones from the most delicate flower sensitive custom IEMs all the way up to the man eating Bengal tigers of audiophilia: the HE-6 and other rare beasts. Beyond having power and finesse, it also plays any kind of music you throw at it natively—no signal degrading conversion. If you needed some dessert with this 15 course dinner, the XBass and 3D effect switches give it to you. Have all the pudding you like, I promise the enhanced treble and bass won’t screw up your appetite.”

The retail price of the micro iDSD Black Label is US$549 (ex-tax) or Euro599/£455 (incl VAT).

Full product info:


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Re: Tech Notes: Micro iDSD Black Label
« Reply #1 on: 15 Feb 2017, 06:15 pm »
Does anyone know the power requirements for the iDSD black label, the idac2 and the itube2?
What are the INPUT power requirements (voltage, amperage, watts)?
What is the maximum power draw (amperage)?
Is there any possible "surge" at turn on or at anytime for these units?
Will the power requirements change significantly if/when the headphone section is utilized?

Thank you.