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Latest Reviews
« on: 18 Aug 2017, 03:44 pm » just published a thoughtful and interesting review on our LDR1B.V25 Balanced Passive Preamp and TPB.V1 Tube Preamp Buffer.   :thumb:

You can find the review here:

Impeccable clarity, transparency, and neutrality with a dash of smoothness (that made listening non-fatiguing).  

If you are a fan of passive preamps, and in need of a volume control, I would say that the Tortuga Audio LDR1B.V25 Passive Balanced is clearly among the very best—perhaps even the best—I have ever heard in my system. If you already have volume control built within your source and would like to explore an elegant/tasteful dash of tube euphonies, then by all means try out adding in the TPB.V1 to your system. And if in need of an active preamp with at most 2 inputs, check out the LDR1B.V25 together with the TPB.V1 buffer; they make a wonderful pair. As in Happy Together, by the Turtles, the two components indeed are happy together. Highly recommended.


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« Reply #1 on: 18 Aug 2017, 05:11 pm »
Pretty much as the reviewer said -- the rave review is well-earned.  I still adore my DIY (single-ended) passive preamplifier.  I got to hear the tube buffer on its tour and thought that was superb as well.  Kudos to Morten for putting out multiple stellar products.