Oppo UDP-203

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Phil A

Re: Oppo UDP-203
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Thanks Phil.
I have been very happy with all of the Oppo's I have had.
The 103 works well and like you I don't rely on it for streaming duties.

I'm using an Amazon firebox and use the apps available there where needed. Mostly Hulu and PBS.

I have the same Sony TV as you and the 103 throws a great picture on the tv as well as the projector.

I was curious if it was worth the upgrade..

Bob - there page after page on AVS about issues.  I wanted one so I could move a 103D to the bedroom which feeds the outdoor speakers (so I could use my NAS and play anything including DSD which I have lots of) vs. the 93, the old modded 83 was upstairs and even in its rare use was starting to have problems and it was an easy swapping around getting the 93 upstairs and be able to play files (I have my CD quality and non-DSD hi-rez on hard drives) with no dragging of discs.  No I haven't done a side by side comparison but I'd wait a bit.  Perhaps next year there will be a 203D and they will have more of the issues under control.  Given the age of my 93 which was used for years in my old house in the master bedroom, then the basement, then moved and put in the master bedroom here, it doesn't really bother me if I end up rotating it (the 203) upstairs in a year (and then be able to stream from the NAS, including DSD).  That's why I don't do expensive disc spinners any longer.  Sooner or later there will be a problem and then drives may not be available.  I started getting into file playback 5.5 years back and for me it works. For movies (given the amount of hard drive storage I would need for 600 DVD, 200+ Blu-Rays and now some UHD discs), disc playback is fine with me.  If Oppo came out with something like their old BDP-80 updated for UHD, that would be fine with me.