TWL Ethernet Cables, anyone???

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Re: TWL Ethernet Cables, anyone???
« Reply #40 on: 17 Apr 2020, 06:38 pm »
 OK swapped out the original prototype I was using for the latest Freedom Ethernet. WOW, wow and wow. Such a 3D sound stage with an openess to write home about.
Harmonics linger in space and decay into nothingness. Tonality is uncolored and natural. Bass is tight and focused. A clear winner in its class. We compared to cables costing 3x as much. No contest TWL won.
If you use an Ethernet cable do your self a favor and audition one. Thank you Pete.


Triode Pete

Re: TWL Ethernet Cables, anyone???
« Reply #41 on: 26 Apr 2020, 04:40 pm »
Some very recent feedback from a customer in NYC, who has an extremely high-end system featuring all Lamm electronics...

"Hi Pete,
As much as I enjoy listening to digital I always was aware of the weaknesses to analog. Scale, openness, and staging. I once had a top turntable and open reel system and heard 1st generation master tapes. You don't forget that. Because digital is the future it became a challenge to surpass that analog system. For sometime I realized the importance of the Ethernet cable.  I've tried over a dozen from cat 6 to cat 8. From $20 to $900. They all sounded different and all lacked scale, openness, and staging. When I first heard your Ethernet cable I jumped from my chair. Finally, the music had breath, weight, analog size. It was closer to the night I heard Charlie Mingus at the Vanguard. Or MJQ at the Gate. It was just honest. Music, without getting bored. Pete, this is a great cable. You've given me hope to continue the challenge of digital cause I'm running out of time.

Well done,