Sonore MicroRendu and Uptone Audio Ultracap LPS-1

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Wondering which Herbie's products would work best to isolate these two pieces. Maybe some Baby Booties and ultrasonic stabilizers and stack them together.

These small products create problems as they are small and light weight and often the USB and Ethernet cables move them around.

I'm hoping for some creative ideas. I have a Lampi Golden Gate DAC, Bluejeans Ethernet cables and the two short pieces of Curious USB cable.
Thanks for your ideas.


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Re: Sonore MicroRendu and Uptone Audio Ultracap LPS-1
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Hi, Steven. Four Baby Booties w/adhesive underneath each component would be ideal. A SuperSonic Stabilizer on top additionally beneficial. Though stacking the units shouldn't be overly problematic sonically, I'd avoid stacking them if possible. (For the DAC, four Tenderfoot isolation feet and a damping instrument for each of the vacuum tubes would most likely be worthwhile.)

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