Greetings from an Old Bryston Guy

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Greetings from an Old Bryston Guy
« on: 2 Dec 2018, 04:42 am »
Hello everyone,

After a long absence from this site, I've lately had the urge to come back, say hello and reconnect with the Bryston community.  I used to hang around here fairly often, mostly reading, but sometimes posting when I had something to say (one would hope something relevant, but not so sure that was always the case).

I am a long time Bryston owner.  My first Bryston piece, a BP25, was purchased back in 1996 and is currently in use as the preamp in a two channel Music System.  I acquired two 7BST's in 1998 and a third one in 2000. They currently power the front channels in a five channel Music/HT System.  Back then (circa 1996-2000) the two systems were being completed and I was earnestly trying to get equipment that would satisfy me for a long time and would last a long time.  My goal was to get off the replace/upgrade merry-go-round and just be happy with what I have.

The Brystons fit in perfectly with this plan because of their uncolored accuracy (by far the best kind of sound over the long haul) and because of their legendary reliability.  And indeed, my Brystons have met or exceeded all expectations.  They have been (and still are) in constant use, and as the Grateful Dead would say, they just "Keep on Truckin".  Years ago I posted that the Brystons (along with my Aerial speakers) were the best audio investments I ever made, and today that is more true than ever.

I have (more or less) kept up with Bryston by occasionally going on their website and the websites of their internet dealers (smart move, allowing authorized online sales; it's the wave of the present).  Bryston has really blossomed into a full line high end company.  And considering what the elite high end companies are charging these days, Bryston pricing seems eminently reasonable.  Unfortunately for me (living on a retirement income) their current products are financially out of my league.  But that's okay.  I feel lucky to have acquired my Bryston gear back when it was more affordable for me, and those Bryston Golden Oldies keep chugging along, keeping me happy.  Perhaps my Brystons will ultimately save me from the truth of that most Sacred of Audio Scriptures:  "Old audiophiles never die, they just end up listening to Bose Wave Radios."

In this crazy world, full of bubble bubble toil and trouble, MUSIC is refuge for the soul (no matter how we listen to it!).  May we all have many more years of good listening.  Congratulations to Bryston on its continuing success.  No doubt, if I were in the market for new stuff and I could afford it, Bryston would way, way still be my first choice.



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Re: Greetings from an Old Bryston Guy
« Reply #1 on: 2 Dec 2018, 12:31 pm »
Well Paul - thank you for the nice posting - I loved the reference to Bose Radios -  :lol: