IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo

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Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #20 on: 8 Jun 2017, 04:47 pm »
Thanks! I am inclined to agree with everything!

My only final concern is the added warmth of the DAC-9 + STA-9 combo over the IDA-8, specially for large classical and opera works.  What do you guys think? Not really an issue? Or keep it safe and just go with the IDA and save some money?

I really am after the best sound for my system.  I have been reading that the Rainmakers are more or less neutral without being too bright, but not to the warm side, so a warm amp actually could be a nice match.  But I do think that I tend to prefer the brighter sound, so I am really scared of the sound getting 'muddied' or 'smoothed' by the warmness.

Any insight regarding that?

Thanks again,

I saw your profile on Van Alstine.  So have you sold your amps and moved to nu prime? What differences did you find between the two? 


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Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #21 on: 8 Jun 2017, 07:09 pm »

Take a gander at the ST-10/DAC-10 thread in the Nuprime circle. Rafa announced his purchase of the 10/10 combo and describes his impressions.


Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #22 on: 14 Jun 2017, 10:41 pm »
I have looked through the (long) IDA-8 thread and have not seen any reference yet regarding running one's phono through the IDA-8 digitized RCA inputs.  Would this be OK and not discernible or would I be better served with the DAC-9/STA-9 where the input would remain analog.  Thanks!


The IDA-8 reviewer from TAS used Turntable in many of the listening tests. The review article can be found at the bottom of IDA-8 product page.

If you plan to use turntable a lot, go with DAC-9/STA-9.  They are better than IDA-8 overall. The price difference is just a matter of a few good meals and wine.


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Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #23 on: 15 Sep 2017, 12:58 pm »
Hi everyone. I'm just starting my audiophile journey. I'm a very happy owner of a dda-120 a pair of Roger's ls3/5a that I got for my wedding.
For my unexisting experience I quite like what I hear.
Because the Roger's are low sensitivity (83db I guess) and high impedance (15Ohm) i guess they are rather underpowered though.
I tried my speaker with a modern A/B amp from Quad and I definitely missed the speed and definition of the dda-120.
I was pushing the trigger on the ida-8 then I read the above post from Jason. I would like to use my turntable as my preferred source. Do you think going with a DAC-9/STA-9 also help me with the speakers? I have stretch a bit my budget, but I was thinking that maybe in a few months I could eventually pair it with a second STA-9 to run the as monoblocks.
I listen mostly to funk music, jazz, and classic rock. Sometimes to classical and electronics but I guess the extra warmth of the *9 stack should suit my tastes.
Can anyone advise on this?


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Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #24 on: 15 Sep 2017, 08:11 pm »
Hi glitchesbrew,

I moved from the very similar dad-100 to the St-10 DAC-10 combo, I can only tell you the difference is remarkable! You would be very pleased with the 9s over your current setup.


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Re: IDA-8 or DAC-9/STA-9 combo
« Reply #25 on: 15 Sep 2017, 08:30 pm »
Thanks RafaPolit. From what I read here the DAC-10/ST-10 it's outstanding.
Unfortunately is way too much out my reach for the moment, plus in the UK is very hard to find at the moment.
Coming from the Nuforce I have very high expectations on the Nuprime and I'm sure about it's quality.
I'm just a bit concerned about my speakers, which I love, but are a bit unusual in terms of specs in today's market.