Help! Toshiba DVD function question

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Help! Toshiba DVD function question
« on: 9 Nov 2004, 08:37 pm »
Yesterday I picked up a Toshiba SD-K70 dvd player from Costco for $50.  Its primary use is for presentations.  Insteading of hauling around a laptop computer for powerpoint, I've converted my powerpoint slides to JPEGs on CD and use the Toshiba's JPEG viewer to drive the presentation projector.  The Toshiba is a smaller, lighter, CHEAPER alternative to a laptop for this use.

Here's the problem I ran into last night in the middle of a presentation.  After a still image is displayed for a period of time, the Toshiba starts fading the image in and out.  That certainly got my audience's attention but not in a way that I intended.

I can see why they would do this to protect some TVs from image burn-in, but can this function be defeated?  I didn't see anything in the manual or the setup screens that identify this function or indicate how to control it.  

The player has a screen saver function, though I couldn't find that in the manual and menus either.  But the screen saver is supposed to ping-pong the Toshiba DVD logo across the screen, rather than fading the still-image in and out.  So I don't know if it's a screen-saver issue.

Any ideas?