EDDIES initial impression (1st half hour)

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John Casler

EDDIES initial impression (1st half hour)
« on: 8 Sep 2016, 12:40 am »
Most of our new owners are not AC members, or participants, so I often post some of the "initial impressions".

This customer (thankfully) had enough trust in my assessment to take the leap, "sound, unheard" :thumb:

Obviously we had worked together before and he did the same on the NuPRIME IDA-16 Integrated amp and this is the component powering Eddie with 200wpc.

Obviously, I knew what the combo sounded like, but it is always tricky when you send gear and speakers all the way across the US to be heard for the first time.

I think we hit a Home Run (and Happily so) :thumb:

Below are my new Eddie Owner's comments after his initial listening  :green:

"My first half hour impression.

On the Stones' Gimme Shelter when Merry Clayton's voice cracks, I can make out Keith Richard's "yeah" clearly. Wilco's One Sunday Morning I can understand Tweedy's vocals which is a first. Dire Straits Money for Nothing is not blown out on the initial crescendo. Gilberto's The Girl From Ipanema is delicate and ethereal on his initial Spanish vocals, identical to my Fostec headphones and dedicated Oppo amp. I also hear more of the fret between notes on the guitar solos of Marcus Miller. The Blue Oyster Cult Don't Fear the Reaper  gave me goosebumps. I thought the vocals had more depth and harmony than I had heard before. Mort Stevens Hawaii 5-0 was crisp and not glaring.

So that was my initial impression. I can only set the volume to 62 on my NuPrime before it is painfully loud.

I think that these speakers are the closest I've heard to a live performance. Exceptional.

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