Audio Party with Lampizator, Vinnie Rossi, BorderPatrol & Volti Audio, May 21

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PeTe G, Mr TWL himself, standing next to his Volti modified K-Horns

The sound with and without the TWL Vase was most noticeable to all members. Plan on placing them on my speakers soon. $25/pair for AC members. $500 for all others

Fred next to the Golden Gate DAC and Transport.
Not your typical audiophile. He's young, handsome and in shape

The lampizator boys: Fred and Rob with Grant AKA Lissnr
I was more then happy with my Lamp Gen 4 until I spoke with Rob. Lite 7 you say?


 Some Tannoys in the 2nd sysytem

Charle Rollo, president of the NY Audio Syndrome

Gary Dew's BorderPatrol's S10 EXD 300B SET amplifier with dual choke input-filtered EXD power supplies



Great pics, thanks Emil! 

Looks like a good time was had by all.  :thumb:

Bob in St. Louis

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As the GAS circle guys say, "Pics or it didn't happen"  This is a drool worthy event.  :green:
Thanks Mark!  :thumb:
Love the photos guys. I've been wondering what a Rollo looks like for many years now. Great images!  :D

Triode Pete

A couple more equipment pics...

3rd system in garage...


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Love it!

Charlie looks like he is a prof giving a lecture... :lol:

Looks great Pete, hope YOU enjoyed it since you were the host...


Vinnie R.

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Hi Pete,

Awesome pics and it looks like you all had a lot of fun and great food!   I'm really bummed out that I couldn't be there.  :( 
The good news is that I've been getting rest and hope to be 100% again soon enough... I MUST be in time for the
Newport Beach show.  Looking forward to being there with you and Greg/Volti in less than two weeks.  :hyper:



Those who couldn't make it to this event really missed out on a great time!   Pete was an AMAZING host as always and the sound, company, food and libations were a real treat. 

Pete, thanks so much for hosting this event.  It was epic!!!


For those who were there, it was great seeing everyone again. Thanks Pete for hosting another epic event.

For those who were not there, it was like a good old NY Rave party again. Man, I miss those days.



Glad everybody had a great time, sorry I missed it. Right now looking at the Pantheon in Rome, so I don't feel to bad!  :D  What a marvel of engineering and so many other structures the Romans built!
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