New LIO Integrated Amp review in Part-Time Audiophile!

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Vinnie R.

Steve Folberg's review of the LIO Integrated Amplifier was posted on Part Time Audiophile last weekend:

Quote from: Steve Folberg / Part Time Audiophile
Overall, I have found the LIO to be a brilliant integrated amplifier. It is a fabulous match with the Spatial Hologram line, and I’d reckon that its 25/40 watt output would mate well with many reasonably sensitive loudspeakers.

The LIO is by no means an inexpensive product, especially when you begin to add optional modules to the base configuration, but considering what you save in interconnects, after-market power cords and power conditioning equipment, it has to be counted among the truly great values in high-end stereo amplification.

[Editor’s Note:] Turns out, the temptation was too much to overcome — Steve did buy the review unit.


A big thank you to Steve for his very detailed review of the LIO Integrated Amplifier!  :notworthy:



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Re: New LIO Integrated Amp review in Part-Time Audiophile!
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Congrats on the well-deserved award and thanks for the kind comments on the review.  :notworthy: