OB/Dipole Subwoofer Kit

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Re: OB/Dipole Subwoofer Kit
« Reply #20 on: 8 Mar 2016, 09:32 pm »
How difficult would it be to make a "finished" flat pack? The parts could all be painted or veneered and any fasteners could be hidden using knock-in plugs. Most Ikea stuff comes like that.

After assembly, Jay's H-Frames are FAR more solid than Ikea bookcases. That locking cam system is seriously lacking, not nearly good enough for quality subwoofer cabinet applications. The H-Frames are very easy to put together, really well designed and made, and REALLY stiff and non-resonant. Getting them professionally painted or veneered shouldn't be difficult or too expensive. Well worth it for the State-Of-The-Art Gr Research OB/Dipole Subwoofers!


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Re: OB/Dipole Subwoofer Kit
« Reply #21 on: 30 Nov 2017, 12:29 pm »
I am looking for someone willing to make a flat pack for the xstatik.
Please pm me.