ZenWave cables (a.k.a. Dave's Cables) - review of the full line of products

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Hey all,

I posted a pretty big review of the full line of Dave's cables the other day over in his circle.  I thought I'd post a link to it here so those looking at the review pages might find it.  Great stuff!!!!


Very brief summary - the FI-50 connectors for power cables are well worth the cost!!!  A BIG step up from the Neotech connectors version.  But the Neotech versions of his power cables are still really awesome - significantly better than several cables in the $300-400 price range that I have had over the past couple years.

The D4 interconnects are still amazing!!! - especially the newer ones with the WBT connectors

Speaker cables are a little more nuanced and system dependent.  The SL cables were a significant upgrade over previous Clear Day cables I had in my system, but not as good as some other cables I've found recently for reasonable price.  The SMSG silver/gold alloy cables are very detailed and refined, but also really expensive.  I found tradeoffs in my system with the SMSG's in terms of detail vs. musicality.  For the cost, they would have needed to be both very detailed, and very musical.  IN MY SYSTEM, they were not.  But I suspect maybe higher up on the system food chain, these cables could really compete with the best - but I'm not sure.