Odyssey or sanders ?

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Re: Odyssey or sanders ?
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Nice Bunky!

Does Klaus recommend the Mundorfs with the Candela or does he let you choose any cap that fits?
I had a long conversation about the Candela with its designer AlexG at the 2015 Capital Audio Fest. I used to own a Candela and in fact I was the first one to get a Candela with a remote volume control. unfortunately I lost the Candela in a house fire along with a bunch of other gear. Alex has tweaked and improved the design over time lowering the gain from the original 18db to 14db and he has also experimented with various capacitors and he says that he prefers the Mundorfs in the current version.
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Re: Odyssey or sanders ?
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Just talked with klaus.   After the new year, I should be getting the ball rolling on a pair similar to tommy two tones monos, I'm stoked!