B&K Amplifiers, anyone ?

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Re: B&K Amplifiers, anyone ?
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I understand that this topic has not been bumped in 30 days, but I want to make a last effort for information on the EX-140 as this thread has some great B&K information.  My searches have come up short.

The amplifier has a champaign faceplate and handles instead of the black.  Details like the binding posts and placement of the RCA ins are different than the ST-140.  The boards inside are ST-140 boards, but they are oriented totally different in internal space.  There is also no serial number.

Musical Designs was able to confirm that the EX-140 exists and was not widely produced. 

I have liked the amp, but I have not loved the amp.  I wonder if this was not put into production and why it wasn't put into production. 

Most hits out there are my questions on other boards.